Woodland Friends Play Set

Woodland Friends Play Set


A play set for the ages.
From one year olds to toddlers to elementary ages, all will be overjoyed to receive a gift as fun as this.
Choose your favorite animals and create your one of a kind tree full of friends. 

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Tree house/log: Approx 8.5" tall and 7.5" wide (including branches)
All Aniamls: Approx 2.5" tall

100% acrylic yarn
100% polyester stuffing
Hot glue
Cotton thread
Plastic mesh (inside log)
Minimal White paint

Spot clean/Hand wash

CAUTION: These animals have their eyes glued on with a hot glue gun. If you would like to modify how the eyes are attached, you are more than welcome to type your request in the form at checkout.

Handmade with joy by Lauren Gentges

Log pattern designed by Crochet N Play

Animal patterns designed by Crafty Alien
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