Animals Needing a Backstory

Click on the animal you are interested in to see a specific story recommendation for each one. These ideas are not mandatory, just highly encouraged.

* Aviator Pup [Finished]

This is a Skye from Paw Patrol look alike. She flys the rescue air craft. This item's product description is still under construction but she'll need a story. Research Paw Patrol for reference. Ask any questions you may have.

* Balto the Siberian Husky [Finished]

Writer's choice - view item

* Chill Pill [Finished]

Lives life as a peacemaker. Read the product description for help - view item

* Firefighter Dalmation

Writer's choice - view item

* Frank the Frankenstein

Needs a story about the pressure put on kids to live up to their parent's expectations. He doesn't like to scare people/can't live up to his father's expectations of him and the family legacy - view item

* Mini Bunny Surprise

What it's like living life in a foster home and how to overcome the challenges that may come with that. - view item

* Mini Chocolate Bunny

Writer's choice - view item

* Mr. & Mrs. Scarecrow

Writer's choice - view Mr. Scarecrowview Mrs. Scarecrow

* Hedgehog

This little cutie is shy and needs a story about how she overcomes her shyness. (This item is still in production)

* Soft & Squishy Stuffed Bunny

Sometimes simpler is better. - view item

* Spring Bunny

Needs two different stories - 1. for the male 2. for the female - A story about what life is like with a twin - view item

* Sports Fan Set

Writer's choice - view item

* Tiny Raccoon

Needs a story about responsibility.- view item He doesn't like going to bed

* Tiny Tom the Turkey

Writer's choice. Note that Tom is only 1.5in tall - view item

* Tuxedo Sam

Needs a story about what makes a real millionaire - wisdom, wise risk taking, hard work, dedication, grit, resiliance, not living frivolously. Typically those who look rich aren't actually rich. Example taken from the book "Millianare Next Door" - view item

* Wonder Woman

Writer's choice - view item

* Woodland Animal Play Set

Writer's choice - view item

* Woodland Friends Play Set

Writer's choice - view item

* Super Santa Cuddler

Writer's choice - view item

* Super Snowman Cuddler

Writer's choice - view item

* The Grinch (mini)

Grinch Jr. maybe? Writer's choice - view item

* Santa Ornament

"The Legend of the Santa Hugs" Writer's choice - view item

* Huggable Santa Pillow

Writer's choice - view item

* Snow Friend Ornament

"The Legend of the Snow Friend" Writer's choice - view item

* Dove Ornament

"The Legend of the Silver Dove" Writer's choice - view item

* Winter Elephant

Writer's choice - view item

* Humphrey the Baby Humpback Whale

Humphrey has allergies and can't eat krill, one of the main foods most whales eat. He struggles internally as he watches all the other whales getting to eat this seemingly delicious microscopic food. What can he do to cope that will encourage children with allergies how they can cope too? There's always a bright side to ever struggle if we can only find the right perspective. (Maybe something about how kids with allergies tend to eat healthier because of their allergies. Or think up another way to see their situation as a positive.)-view item