Maker Application

The Triple A Crochet Maker program is an exclusive program for those who already know and love crochet. Becoming a Maker means that we will help assist you in selling your finished items and give you the opportunity to learn what it takes to own a crafting business.

There are 7 Steps to the application process:

Step 1: Fill Out the Application
You fill out the form below to get the ball rolling.

Step 2: Make a List
While we are reading over the application, you will think about what are the best items you've made that show off your skill.

Step 3: Skill Evaluation
If we accept you as an applicant, we will instruct you on how you will mail in some sample work for us to evaluate.

Step 4: Personal Phone Call with the Owner
After receiving your sample work, the owner will evaluate your skill level and decide whether or not you will be officially accepted as a Maker. You will then receive a phone call with her decision.

Step 5: Filling Out the Paperwork
Being accepted simply means you have the title Maker, but to truly make it official, bless others with your gift and start making money, you will need to sign some paperwork. We will go over all the fine print, expectations and policies with you before you sign.

Step 6: Your Maker Profile
Becoming a Maker means you get some really neat perks! Like the ability to have your own personalized business cards, training in different aspects of business, access to resources and templates and best of all your products listed in our Maker Shop! To do this well, we will need you to write a little intro about yourself and your product specialty. We will then assist you in writing your product descriptions and taking quality product photos.

Step 7: Announcing The New Maker!!!
Once you are all set up, your products are listed properly and you're all ready to go, we will feature you in our Maker blog and on our social media sites!
We will celebrate you joining our team by promoting the items you have for sale and offer customers a discount or perk for checking out your items.
We also hope you, your family members and any others in your support system will celebrate with us by joining in and sharing your items and acceptance with others as well!

If this sounds like an adventure you would like to be a part of, we would love to have you!
Start the journey by filling out the application below!


Step 1: Fill out the application

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Phone *
Do you have the legal right to work in the U.S.A.? *
Are you age 18 or older? *
We offer many training opportunities periodically throughout the year. What types of things would you be interested in learning how to do?
Crochet Experience
What yarn weight are you experienced in using? *
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What types of yarn fiber do you have experience working with? *
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What techniques are you experienced in? *
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Have you ever taught someone else to crochet? *
Sales Experience
Have you ever attempted to sell your crocheted items in the past? *
If yes, where have you sold them?
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If you chose other, please specify where. Use a comma to separate each place if there are multiples.
Are you currently marketing your crocheted items online publically? *
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Personality Survey
Here at Triple A Crochet, our mission is to spread joy and authentic connection, one handmade gift at a time.
What is your response to each of the statements below? *
What is your response to each of the statements below?
The joy of others is extremely important and must be the top priority when creating handmade items, especially those intended for purchase.
People in the world today are starving for personal and authentic relationships.
Giving a meaningful gift is a great way to create a connection with another person.
Attention to detail is important.
Honesty is the best policy.
Setting personal goals is a regular habit.
Why a business does what it does is the LEAST important part.
Consistency and reliability are a priority in my life.
I love giving gifts.
I love receiving gifts.
I enjoy learning new things.
I am easily distracted.
I work hard when I believe in the vision of the company.
I enjoy working as a team.
I work well with others.
I consider myself a good leader.
Everyone knows when I enter a room because I enjoy being the center of attention.
I consider myself a good storyteller.
I enjoy making videos.
I enjoy writing.
Social media is the best thing invented since sliced bread!
Humbleness is an important character trait.
Family is my top priority.
Money is the MOST important part of business.
Planning is important.
I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to the business world.
I am easily overwhelmed.
I work well under pressure.
I am comfortable with modern technology.
Making time to rest is very important to me.
I could crochet all day if I didn't have other responsibilities.
I enjoy meeting fellow crafters.
Friendships are important but take a lot of work.
Love is a verb.
I enjoy serving others.