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Entertain That Baby Like a Boss, Pretty Pleeeaasssseeeeee!

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Hi. It’s me. Yes, me……

And in case you’re wondering who me is, or you probably haven’t figured it out by now, it’s the baby talking…..

I know who you are. I know where you come from. I know your deepest, darkest secrets altogether….such as the fact that you’re wondering what “ideal gift” there is out there that you could possibly give me in order to ‘suck up’ to my mom.

Well, guess what, Buster????!!!! Or, should I say, ‘Francine’?!?!?!!               

You are correct in your approach: I DO actually have a few favorites in mind, so please keep reading…….

(Not the response you expected, right? What can I say? I’m just a baby….but I am full of surprises, and you’d better be as well….or I can always cry.)

You don’t want that, now, do ya? No. I didn’t think so. Good adult….be very obedient, and all will go well….

How ‘Bout a Teething Toy?

Well, since you so generously asked, and I can’t dissuade you from getting me something (you’re so generous), the first item on my list is this one. They call it the “ultimate teething sensation”.

Well, no, not really. I’M CALLING IT THAT.

And if you were wondering, as some rather ignorant adults often do, I’m not simply presenting an option. I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!!!! Any questions? 😊      

How ‘Bout a Cradle Swing While You’re At It?

Take notes. “Rocka bye baby” will never go out of style. At least, not in my world. Got it?

Now repeat it back to me….

But wait. There’s one more thing.

Since you don’t want to get me “just any” rocker, get me the one found here. It’ll “blow my socks off”, though not literally, thankfully. Speaking of which….

How ‘Bout Some “Stay-With-Me Socks”?

Usually prices at around $5.95 plus tax, you ---- or I should say I --- can’t go wrong with these.

Made with a special non-skid bottom, not to mention quality Velcro that doesn’t come apart easily, these are a winner in any baby’s book.

And you can ask other babies to verify this for you!!!! (One “goo” means it’s alright; two “gaga”s means it’s pure awesome!!!!)

And what’s not to like, after all?!?!

They’re adjustable.  

They’re durable.

They’re machine washable.

They’re mine.

End of story.

How ‘Bout a Rattle That Lights Up with a ‘Whole Lotta’ Love?

And if you’re thinking of going in the direction of a rattle, something that’ll really shake my attention up, then I suggest this….

The one featured in this link should do the trick. It’s affordable, colorful and full of life.

Not only that, but what I especially like is the jollyness of this jellyfish as it entertains me to no end. It’s literally like I have a “bestie” RIGHT THERE WITH ME!

I call him Oscar. But other babies have different names for him, some not so nice. (Don’t ask. Long story.)

Oscar lights up, plays music, and does so much more in response to my every movement. He’s a real friend.

And, ultimately, I hope YOU’RE ONE, too……

Anyhoo, those were my suggestions. Now if you’ll please excuse me, I have a nap appointment pending….

(Final Thoughts On All This “Mumbo Jumbo” : Don’t Stress, Pray Instead, Give from the Heart, and So Much More….)             

So consider the baby’s advice the next time you find yourself in a “present pickle”. And remember to look up: The Good Lord has an answer for everything. So worry about nothing, and pray about everything; you will find that perfect gift. Believe it, and you’ll receive it (actually, the other party will actually do the receiving, but you get the idea). All good things do come in time, and from the Father above, the true Giver of all gifts everywhere, the source from which every great present first originates.

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