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The Fox

A Few Intriguingly Unique Facts You May NOT Have Noted…..

In love with foxes?

Well, you should be ---- they are a special creature, one of their kind!!!!

But if you need further convincing as to their awesomeness, then simply read on….


Foxes are So Awesome That Even a Famous Spanish SUPERHERO Takes His Name After One…..

Zorro the Fox.png

El “Zorro”...    

Let this one speak for itself. The name says it all. And in Spanish, “zorro” means “fox”.


         Foxes SHARE a Family with Dogs.

Foxes are, in fact, members of the dog family. And what’s more is the fact that both share quite similar characteristics in their taste, smell, sight, hearing, and even overall physical appearance. And did you know that female foxes are called “vixens” whereas male foxes are known as “dog foxes” or “tods”?

And on this note, newborn foxes are given even cuter names, such as “cubs”, “pups” and “kits”; they have many different names they go by. In addition, an entire group of foxes is often referred to as a “leash”, much similar to what a pet dog often wears around its neck. How cool is that?


        Foxes Can Live ANYWHERE.


Indeed, these special creatures are not limited ---- or merely exclusively migrant to ---- any particular known territory of the global continent. They, in fact, are found everywhere. This means you can spot them in countrysides, forests, mountains, grasslands, deserts, arctic zones and more!

And not only that, but these small animals are even highly regarded for being the most WIDESPREAD wild-dog species in all the world! And there’s numerous breeds of foxes in existence today. They do not merely all look alike, or come within one sole species, as some presuppose!!!!!


Fox PUPS are entirely dependent on their parents.

Fox Pups.png

It’s no lie: When foxes are first born, they’re not able to hear, see, or even walk. This, in turn, forces their full dependence, or faith, to lie in something or someone greater. They mainly have their parent(s) to fend for them.

Their mother is often seen nursing them while the father hunts for their daily food.

Just imagine how, if God can take care of such small and fragile newborn creatures, all the more so can He care for us! It’s truly something that gives me more joy than anything else --- humans, like foxes, are infinitely valuable to God!!!! 


Foxes are not too PICKY when it comes to finding their food….they’ll eat nearly anything.

Foxes can eat small animals, usually like birds or mice, but the fun doesn’t stop there: They can even sink their teeth into spiders, worms, numerous types of berries and leaves, food that humans toss out, and so much more. They’ll even hide their “extra food reserves” in small holes for later consumption, perhaps a midnight snack if they should get hungry. These animals sure are truly prepared for JUST ABOUT ANYTHING!!!!


Want to know more? I thought you would. In fact, there’s a special CONTENT piece I had in mind just for you; it takes an even closer look at this fine specimen of an animal.  

And for more on that piece of fine afternoon reading, click here.

Check it out now! It’s but a quick click away and well worth your time…..          


Final Thoughts On All This….

So consider the fox the next time you find yourself in awe over God’s amazing creation.  And remember to look up: The Good Lord has an answer for everything. So worry about nothing, and pray about everything; you will find that perfect solution to meet your present need head on! Believe it, and you’ll receive it. All good things do come in time, and from the Father above, the true Giver of all good things everywhere, the source from which every great creature first finds its origins….

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