Gift Giving

How to Give When You're Sitting on Such a Tight Budget????

So how, then, do we give?

You may have heard it asked before, “How we can we be saved?” In fact, a very rich young man once asked the same question, but he was not willing to give. In fact, he once encountered the historical, life-changing Jesus Christ of Nazareth in the flesh, and asked Him this question. Jesus’s reply to him was that he needed to give away all his possessions and have true treasure in heaven; through his newfound works and repentance he, in fact, would be saved. But the young man refused….

The point is this: Giving shows our faith ---- in whom we place it, that we have it, and more. And there are a few great ways to give, ways that the Creator intended from the beginning. Take the following four pointers below to set you on the right path….   

1.  Give from the heart, and not grudgingly.

No one likes a greedy giver ---- anyone knows that. But what’s more of a turnoff is perhaps the fact that the one giving is only doing so out of compulsion. After all, the Good Lord in Heaven ---- Creator of all good things on this earth ---- wants a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:6-7). And if that’s the case, then you should feel led to give when it is time to give, as well as led to refrain when it is time to refrain, because there is, in fact, a time for everything.


2. Give in faith.

Believe it as real: If you decide to walk with God, there undoubtedly will be times in which your faith will be tested. Will you falter, or will you rise to meet the challenge? Now that is entirely up to You. If God asks you to give any amount to another in need, though you currently don’t see the funds available (or coming in soon) on your end, then give in faith, not knowing the next step ---- but knowing that God always provides.


3. Give knowing that, at the proper time, you will also receive.

Don’t give to receive, but know that you will be rewarded for your efforts. In due time, as they say, “What comes around goes around”. And a little bit of love can give to others. And love, of course, makes the world go ‘round and round. So give as you would like to receive, and do it all in love.


4. Give to a cause worth further probing, a seed well worth watering….

Does your heart break for something or someone? With all the needs in the world these days, it must: Carefully brainstorm just who and what that is, and if still uncertain, ask the Gracious Lord to reveal it to you; He made you with a special purpose. There’s no one else out there who can do specifically what God placed you on this earth to do, so go change some lives; war, murder, poverty, natural disaster, sickness, relational pain, there must be a specific group of people, and their needs, for whom you care the most. Plant change!


Final Thoughts on All This ‘Mumbo Jumbo’: Don’t Stress, Pray Instead, Give from the Heart, and More….    

So consider our proven advice the next time you find yourself in a giving pickle”. And remember to look up: The Good Lord has an answer for everything. So worry about nothing, and pray about everything; you will find that perfect answer from heaven. Believe it, and you’ll receive it. All good things do come in time, and from the Father above, the true Giver of all gifts everywhere, the source from which every great gift first originates.                           

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