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Increased tension with your office co-workers only ADDING to your anxiety or depression symptoms? Then you need to read this....

Don’t pull your head off!!!!
Find a solution instead….

No single mortal human being who has ever graced the earth has ever been without a slight share of internal frustrations. It’s just nature. Call it bad luck. Call it cause and effect. Or simply call it life.

Either way, what has set the victors apart has usually been their keen instinctual ability to rise above the noise and find a way out ---- though at times it may seem impossible. Persevere….

According to the ever-wise WebMD, scores of headaches now frequent the everyday workplace, and sometimes that “dirty look” shot to you from across the conference room or office space ---- by your ever-commanding superior or co-worker ---- is all that’s required for it to trigger. And there you have it: Cause meets effect. But here’s another thought: How can one prevent this? Or is it always preventable?

Well, knowledge is power, and with wisdom can come tremendous insight and understanding. .It all begins with what you know. For instance, did you know there are 11 ways to get a headache? Learn more by reading the WebMD source referenced above; feed your mind with knowledge….

“He stressed, she stressed”.....we all stressed!!!!!

Were all stressed.png

Perhaps some of the worst aspects of stress, worry, anxiety, depression, pessimism and other such assailants is the fact that ALL OF THESE CAN BE CONTAGIOUS!!!!! If we, as “regular productive employees”, simply realized the potentially disastrous effects of allowing such destructive patterns of thinking and behavior to thrive, then the current societal workplace we now hold would be a different one entirely. And that’s no joke. In fact, it's fact. Would not productivity certainly increase as well?     

Try it. Don’t stress yourself out. And don’t stress others….

The human brain on stress ---- a recipe for disaster.

Suffice it to say that, if one were to spend the great majority of his or her days under tight deadlines and the never-ending implementation of new tasks, then there would be some consequences. And that’s an understatement. How could there not be some damage?

Furthermore, when one continues in such an unhealthy pattern for days, weeks, months, and eventually YEARS, at a time, what do you think that does to the brain and body? Are these invincible, or do they not wear out with time? We all know they do. But thank God for a good vacation every now and then….      

Don’t “hold it in” any longer ---- sometimes you just need to SPEAK UP!!!!


Did you know many employers now offer their own ‘free consultation, no-cost hotlines’ made SPECIFICALLY with the needs of their own employees in mind? And did you know that most employees never know nor take advantage of such a rich opportunity? It’s truly mind-boggling.

The best part is this: Such services remain in full confidentiality with all you disclose, offering to not retaliate, in turn. Their intention is not to snip out your ‘true feelings’ to expose them to your boss. They merely want to help THE EMPLOYEE by letting him or her simply DECOMPRESS.

And sometimes, that can be all that you need to take the edge off. Let go of those worries and tensions that hold you down. Start reaching for the stars again!!!!           

Final Thoughts on All This: Don’t Stress; Pray Instead; Give from the Heart; Love Unconditionally; Forgive, and Be So Much More in This Life…                    

So consider our proven advice the next time you find yourself in a state of crisis. And remember to look up: The Good Lord has an answer for everything. So worry about nothing, and pray about everything; you will find that perfect solution to meet your present need head on! Believe it, and you’ll receive it. All good things do come in time, and from the Father above, the true Giver of all good things everywhere, the source from which every great blessing first finds its origins….

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