Spots for Pluto - Preview

Spots for Pluto - Preview

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Follow Pluto’s search for value as he tries to seek out more spots.
Will his siblings ever let him play with them?

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Written by April Collins
Illustrated by James Hopkins

Copyright © 2018. Triple A Crochet LLC. All rights Reserved.


Pluto is a Dalmatian growing up on a cute little farm. He lives with his many siblings. He has been happy and content, until one day, his rambunctious sister points out how few spots he has. She informs him how valuable spots are. He doesn't have enough for her to play with him. Hearing this, Pluto heads off on an adventure, intent on finding more. Only time will tell if he will ever reach his goal...

Filled with heartwarming adventure, easy to read dialog and relatable characters, this delightful story takes a journey through the thought provoking concepts of value and acceptance.

Bonus parent guide included.
To heighten the value of quality time spent together, unique ideas for how you can connect with your child are included at the end.

Length: 15 pages

Age Level: 3 - 12

Grade Level: P - 5