The Three-fold Gift

The Importance of Giving BELIEF, SUPPORT, and ENCOURAGEMENT!!!!

Being honest with ourselves once again is no easy matter, but let’s go there: This time, I refer to giving three gifts instead of one. Would we not agree that three gifts can comprise the perfect package, with three is the perfect number? More so, people have stated repeatedly that three is the perfect number to signify the completion of something. Perhaps you’ve heard the well - noted expression, “The third time’s the charm”? There’s some truth to all this, friend…..

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Increased tension with your office co-workers only ADDING to your anxiety or depression symptoms? Then you need to read this....

No single mortal human being who has ever graced the earth has ever been without a slight share of internal frustrations. It’s just nature. Call it bad luck. Call it cause and effect. Or simply call it life.
Either way, what has set the victors apart has usually been their keen instinctual ability to rise above the noise and find a way out ---- though at times it may seem impossible. Persevere….

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Unique Father's Day Gifts

Peddle to the meddle ---- it’ll be Father’s Day again in less than a year, and you know what that means!!!! Start planning NOW. It’s never a bad time to learn from the good, the bad, and the ugly of this last year’s turnout: Observe the reaction on Dad’s face as he opened his present, and decide whether you can “do better” next year. And, believe it or not, the next couple of months after Father’s Day are the PERFECT time to buy him your gift for NEXT YEAR as this is the time in which all Father’s Day sales items go into “reduced clearance mode” in nearly every physical store, and even online! Betcha didn’t think of that, did ya?

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Brain Balance & Beyond: Achieving That Perfect Mental State

It’d be no lie to say that one in every three Americans now fights against the ongoing assault known as mental infirmity, regardless of the form it chooses to take on and manifest itself through; anxiety, OCD, ADHD, depression, suicidal thoughts ---- you get the picture. And it only seems like the solution is further and further away. But what about the cause? How many people have tried to attack the root of the issue and used this as a valid starting point?

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