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Teresa Kay

Teresa is lovely woman in her 50's who joined our Maker team in September 2017. She has been crocheting since sixth grade and never lost her love for the craft. She excels at joyfully creating washcloth gift sets all colors of the rainbow. Even her husband, Greg, likes to join in on choosing which pails and cloths to combine next. They are an unforgettable pair with unforgettable taste.

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Betsy Peasel

Betsy is a fun loving woman in her 40's (going on 30), who has been a Maker with us since September 2017. She has been crocheting for 4 years and her childlike outlook on life fits perfect with the kids clothes and toys she loves to make. 

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The Triple A Crochet Makers are a valuable part of our business. If you or someone you know would be interested in using their crafting skills to make a difference in others lives, here is your chance.
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