Request Guidelines

As you are filling out the form,
please try to be as specific as possible in the
description of the item you would like to see in our shop.
Things like color, size, shape, safety concerns, possible allergens,
sensitivities or any other important details or concerns.

If you found your desired item in our gallery, please let us know.
We will happily inform you when it is in stock!

 Places that have examples of items we could make not already seen in our shop are:

If you see what you are looking for,
sharing the link to it will be a big help to us
please do NOT pre-purchase the pattern if you find one you like.
Paid patterns are intended for the purchaser only
which means you could not share the pattern PDF with us legally.
We always respect the pattern designer's
requests, rules and copyright law*
and would hate for you to waste your money unnecessarily.

We look forward to seeing what new item you would love to add to our shop!

*Be aware that some designers request that finished items made from their patterns not be sold.
We will make sure to keep you informed if that is the case
and will do our best to find something as closely related to your original request as possible.


Product Request Form

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