Oscar the Octopus and His Eight Awkward Arms

Oscar is a lonely little octo who has some crazy, out of control tentacles. His eight arms tend to make things awkward for him. Oscar wishes so badly he wasn’t such a bother to the other sea creatures but will he ever find the solution to his frustrating and seemingly hopeless situation? All his arms seem to do is cause harm…is there any way he can use them for good?

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Helping Hands

Once upon a time there lived a Panda named Dave. He was blue, and fluffy, and gave great hugs. Everyone who knew Dave the Panda said that he was a happy panda. He was friendly. He was kind. His laugh rang out like bells. People who knew him would often say, “If I can be half as happy as Dave the Panda, then I’ll be doing great.”

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Spots for Pluto

Pluto the Dalmatian is a sweet and caring soul but he can’t seem to get his siblings to play with him.
Read the adventure of this kind hearted puppy as he searches out a way he can earn more spots. Maybe then he can finally be as important and valuable as his brothers and sisters.
Will he ever earn his way to the top so they will play with him?

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Sadie's Search for Sleep

When Sadie gets sleepy, she gets a little grumpy.
The sun is almost up and she needs a place to sleep fast!
Will Sadie’s grumpy demands help her get some much needed rest or will Sadie learn a valuable lesson on kindness and manners?

Sadie, a tiny skunk, learns a valuable lesson about having an attitude, even if you are a little grumpy!

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