Bunny Lovey

Bunny Lovey


Your little one will love to hug this happy bunny.
This soft pink and white lovey consists of three different textures that will delight the senses.
It is the perfect size for a take-along companion!

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Take a moment and imagine this sweet little bunny bouncing along against your toddler's legs as they run through your house squealing with glee. This has been their friend for the last 2.5 years of their life. They have held it while happy, squeezed it when scared and talked to it alone in their crib at night. They are inseparable...

Years later, you find yourself reliving all these precious memories and your eyes brim with bittersweet tears as you place this little friend in storage. Your baby is growing up and has moved on to older toys and games...

One day, long in the future, your child finds their childhood memory box and pulls out their oldest and dearest friend. They remember the good times and the bad of those years of bare feet and scraped knees and smile to themself. Then look down at their own little one resting in their arms and whisper, "Here. This is for you. A friend who will love you forever. I've been saving it special, just for you."

This is the toy you can rely on to create moments like these over and over again for generations.

Approx 10” x 11”
Size may vary slightly.

Blanket: 78% acrylic, 22% nylon
Plush: 100% polyester

Hand wash
Lay flat to dry
Do not iron
Do not dry clean

Handmade with joy by Teresa Kay
Pattern link: DMC Top This!