Sadie's Search for Sleep

When Sadie gets sleepy, she gets a little grumpy.
The sun is almost up and she needs a place to sleep fast!
Will Sadie’s grumpy demands help her get some much needed rest or will Sadie learn a valuable lesson on kindness and manners?

Sadie, a tiny skunk, learns a valuable lesson about having an attitude, even if you are a little grumpy!

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The “Proper” Way to Give Someone a Gift: A Few Commonly (and NOT-SO-COMMONLY) Asked Questions….

Face it: That “special occasion” quickly approaches, your personal budget remains drastically limited, and every other idea for a great gift has already been taken! You’ve either already given the gift you just had in mind, or someone else has just beaten you to it. You are at your wit’s end. WHAT DO YOU DO ???

Or perhaps the circumstances ask for a different kind of gift. Either way, time is running out: You’ll meet with this person, or people, tomorrow, and wish to fully show your alacrity. Help???

“What’s the perfect gift? Does that even exist? How does one go about finding it?”

Believe me. We’ve all been there, at one point in time or another. I hear your cry of frustration and fully empathize….

So hang on. The best is yet to come. But start with the following…..

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Spots for Pluto

Pluto the Dalmatian is a sweet and caring soul but he can’t seem to get his siblings to play with him.
Read the adventure of this kind hearted puppy as he searches out a way he can earn more spots. Maybe then he can finally be as important and valuable as his brothers and sisters.
Will he ever earn his way to the top so they will play with him?

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Christmas Is Broken

Anyone else feel like Christmas has lost all it's magic? That ever since you "grew up" Christmas just feels like one big chore or heartbreak? It's time to take back our Christmas magic as adults. 

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